Jaco Costa Rica

October 3, 2014

Jaco Costa Rica is the most popular surf beach town in Costa Rica and is located about an hour drive from San Jose airport.

The majority of Costa Ricans live in the central valley where the airport is, so Jaco is the closest beach town for both travelers and locals. Consequently, Jaco has been a major vacation destination for Costa Ricans for years.

Jaco is located in the center of the Pacific coast. It is an hour to Manuel Antonio Park to the south and half an hour to Carara National Park to the north, and there are ten surf beaches within an hour drive. It is only ten minutes to Hermosa, home of the world famous Backyard Bar, host of world class competitions sponsored by Billbong, Reef, and others. In addition to the world class surfing down the road, there is pretty good surfing for everyone from expert to beginners right here on Jaco Beach. For these reasons, hotels in Jaco provide a very popular base for international and domestic tourists.

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